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A journalist student from Dublin, Ireland. I'm looking to show the world a view through my camera's lens and where I point it. You may even learn something about photography along the way! Weekly blog posts about my adventures.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Just Outside Dublin's Fair City

Dear reader,
This is my spot with an amazing view of Dublin! In the picture above I was basically sitting in my usual spot and this is one of the single most incredible views of Dublin City I can find in a nice quiet place. That was until I was rudely interrupted by a tour guide and a group of American people learning all about the history of DeerPark and the National Transport Museum just below us. Which I'll be honest, was helpful and he was talking about how you can take boat travels out to Ireland's Eye and Lambay Island (Pictured below). 

Near the bottom left of this photo you can see the National Transport Museum in the form of what used to be DeerPark Castle (Add Historic Mumbo Jumbo of what the tour guide was saying). The first and closer Island is Ireland's Eye and a little further out is Lambay. Both easily accessible by boat from Howth Harbour which is pictured below. 

Ok I'll be honest, this photo is a little edited! I put it in Lightroom and added the 'Old Style' filter just to see what would happen and wow! Any way, this week I used my Canon 1000D and had it on 4000/1 of a second shutter speed because the sun was shining and there was little clouds out to ruin the photos. These first three photos were also taken at about 50mm on my 17mm - 75mm lens which is a wide angle lens that I use for scenic pictures such as these. If I want to get a closer look at Dublin City or what ever may be a bit further away from me that I would like to focus on, I use my 75mm - 300mm lens. The picture below was taken on the 75-300mm lens with a lens cap on to keep away the sun rays and try get a closer view of what Dublin looks like from about 15km - 20km away. 

Again, this picture was LightRoom friendly and I had to bring the DPI (Dots Per Inch) up so that the picture could actually be seen and not a mess. Being at my spot a little later then I had hoped, the sun was beginning to set so this is Dublin at about 9 o'clock at night.

When I first got up the hill and had a drink of water from all the steps and rock scaling I had to do, I got to the top of the hill and this was the view I was greeted with. So I very quickly took out my camera and made sure I shot it. I was a little nervous on the way up too because it had started raining a little bit before I left Dublin on the bus but I was very glad to see it totally gone by the time I got to Howth.

Just take a minute and take this picture in and tell me what you think! @AndyIWaller on Twitter by the by!

Lastly, this Sunday just gone I got to run the game in one of the youth clubs I help at. With the help of these two amazing people, Nathan and Martha, we came up with our very own version of Quidditch which went down a treat and I am so glad to have their help! Thanks guys and here's your shout out! I didn't take these because I'm in them! Mr Mark Murray (my intern!) did. I'm not posting your sly selfie Mark!

Thanks for reading another one of my favourite places in the world. More pictures through my eyes and even some of what I get up to during the week. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future posts please contact me on Twitter as mentioned above.