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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Dublin Tourism Part 2


Colin's Barracks is the Decorative Arts Museum of Ireland. The video above was shot the day I went to visit and have a look around. Some of the events on in there at the moment include a performance called 'Pull Down a Horseman', 'Hands on History', a 1916 Re-enacted: Foot and Arms Drills and public tours to name a few.

Court Yard, Collin's Barracks

The court yard in the Barracks is beautiful. It is 100ft x 100ft and this is marked out along the walls to show the history of the museum. Once in the courtyard, you can see everything there is that the museum has to offer including the café and the main entrance to the museum. The origins of the Barracks lay in the threat to Britain and Ireland by Revolutionary France. In response, the British Government decided to increase the number of Barracks in the British Isles.

Car park and future site to an exhibition in Collin's Barracks
I took my camera with me only to find that there was no flash photography inside the museum so I had to switch to my phone once I got inside. For the outside pictures though I got a beautiful sunny day and I just had to change my ISO settings a little for the amount of light each picture would let into each one of the shots.

Cannon inside the museum

These pictures inside the 1916 exhibition are all taken on my phone and I just wanted to show you some of the stuff going on inside. The museum is laid out beautifully and it is easy to navigate your way around all the different sites. There are exhibitions with voices and videos to talk you thorough some of the stories of people that died in the Easter Rising and other stories too.  

Dickie Bird the infamous horse

My favourite show was a small room on the imfamous war horse known as 'Dickie Bird' during the Rising. The show contains loads of information on his background and shows medals he won and talks the visitor through his storyline. 

Recruitment sign
The 1916 exhibition is worth the visit especially if you want to know more information on what happened throughout the rising and everything that went on around it. The tour is free and you can go and see the performances.

Man dressed for war

This is worth a family trip day out at some point in the coming months before March and the parade that is upcoming to celebrate 100 years since the 1916 Rising.

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