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Monday, 22 February 2016

Dublin Tourism Part 4: Luas Track Extensions.

At the moment Dublin City Centre is a disaster with the Luas Cross City works going on right through the middle of it. The bridge pictured below was completed almost two years ago by now and is fully functioning as a bus bridge. Don't get me wrong, the bridge is beautiful and really adds to the Liffey crossing system we have, I just didn't think the rest of the connection would take so long between the Green Luas Terminus in Stephens Green to the Red Luas Line on Abbey St and beyond to Broombridge.

New Luas Bridge over the Liffey
The connection lines are being laid from Grafton St, down Dawson St, around the front of Trinity College, through College Green, past the Screen Cinema on D'Olier St, across the new Luas Bridge to where it connects with the Abbey St Red Line and then on out to Broombridge rail station. This has caused chaos in Dublin City traffic wise since the summer of 2015 when it began.

The site where Fixx Café used to be, Dawson St.

Most people have now gotten used to the bus routes been changed to cater for the new lines and I actually like the new routes as they get me through town easier and faster. I can't imagine what town is going to be like after the completion of the new line and there are Luas running up and down the new lines. 

Pearse St
There has been a lot of improvement in the last few weeks and there are some lines down now to show the progress. I do think though that the connection between the two lines will improve getting through the city centre a lot and make it faster to get from Grafton St to O'Connell St.

College Green.
Once all the work is done and this mess is cleaned up our city will look great and I can't wait for the proposed finish date in 2017. For the moment, if you plan on driving through town, there are alternative routes online that you can follow to get you from one side to the other. I would not recommend driving through though because traffic is heavy enough as it is with all the buses and taxis around.

Hawkins St

With the 1916 Easter Rising Commemorations coming up though work on the new lines is going to stop for the month of March and April of 2016.

Outside the Screen Cinema
So be warned that traffic will be heavy for the coming months as plans are set to finish the lines over the next 10 - 12 months in the City Centre and we will have the new Luas running through the middle of Dublin too.

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